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We’ll Donate 20% of Proceeds to your group!

We take great pride in giving back to our communities and helping raise money for schools, sport teams or non-profit organizations. Fundraising events are easy to arrange and best of all, 20% of event sales will be donated back to you!

+ Fundraising FAQ?

IS MY GROUP ELIGIBLE? - Eligible groups include school and community groups, non-profits, 501c charitable organizations, middle school and high school sports teams, Parent Teacher Organizations, School Bands, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Preschools, Cheerleading Squads, Little League Teams and more!

WHAT PERCENTAGE OF SALES FROM MY FUNDRAISING EVENT DO WE RECEIVE? - 20% of all food and beverage sales generated from your event will be donated directly to your organization, excluding tax, gratuity and gift card sales. The 20% donation only applies to groups that say they are there for the fundraiser or show the fundraiser flyer. The donation does not apply to all sales on the agreed upon day.

HOW DOES THE ORGANIZATION RECEIVE CREDIT FOR PURCHASES? - Fundraiser guests are required to show the event flyer or let the server know they are there to support the event to receive credit. Credit is received for dine-in purchases or to-go orders. Advertising flyers on premise or in the direct vicinity before the event is not allowed. This includes the parking lot before or during the event.

WHEN CAN MY ORGANIZATION HOST AN EVENT? - Dates vary based on location. We book Fundraising Events from Monday – Wednesday, so please check with your Thirsty Lion location on availability. A minimum 30 days is required to schedule your event. This allows ample time to promote the event and maximize attendance.

HOW DO I PROMOTE MY EVENT? - Thirsty Lion will create a flyer for your Fundraising event. Once your Fundraising event has been approved by your Thirsty Lion restaurant, our team will provide a flyer with details of your event so you can promote it through social media, email or any other methods.

HOW MUCH MONEY DID MY ORGANIZATION RAISE? - The day after your event you’ll receive an email with the total amount raised. A check will be cut within 2 weeks and mailed to the address supplied on your event sign up form.

+ Your Recipe For Success!

HOW TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL FUNDRAISER - Partnering with local schools and organizations in our communities has taught us a thing or two about finding creative ways to take Fundraising to the next level. As your Fundraising partner, we’re here to help make this process as effective and easy to execute as possible!

FLYERS & SOCIAL MEDIA ARE YOUR FRIEND - We’ll design and send you a fundraising flyer to use for promoting your event! Email it to your distribution list, post it on your social media and send it everyone involved to help spread the word. We can also supply you with a larger poster size if you would like to print copies out for distribution.

SPREAD THE WORD - Share information and details about your event at meetings, events and anywhere else that potential attendees will be gathering. Request that the event flyer be shared on community groups social media channels, newsletters or email communication.

MOST OF ALL...WE'RE HERE TO HELP! - Feel free to reach out to our team and talk about cross promoting, we can help share the fundraiser on our community pages to help spread the word!


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